The Artful Eater

The Artful Eater

A new publication to tell the untold stories about the environments in which we eat and drink.

The bar at The Wolseley


Take a seat at the table. Observe the distance between the forks. Notice that the waiter doesn’t spill a drop.

From the nuanced positioning of the place setting to the grandeur of restaurant design, The Artful Eater knows that a good meal is a production but a great meal is pure theatre.

In grand Viennese cafés, patrons would spend entire days on their regular perch, where they’d read, write and watch the world go by. Some had their mail delivered to their favourite cafés.

At the Algonquin Hotel in New York, thinkers, writers, critics, and wits ate lunch together every day. Some went on to form The New Yorker.

From the angle at which a bartender shakes a martini to the ideas born from dinner table conversation that go on to change the world, The Artful Eater is built on the belief that in restaurants we do more than eat, and the staff do more than cook.

The Artful Eater is a love letter to the restaurant. Because a city is only as good as its establishments, and its establishments are a testament to its ambitions and the encapsulation of a zeitgeist.

There are boundless stories to be gleaned from the happenings in the restaurant world, and The Artful Eater will be the first to collect, share, and tell them anew.